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Social Media Marketing

One of the affordable ways of reaching potential customers, who are geographically distant from where you are, is social media marketing. This is because there are over 3 billion smartphone users in the world (Statista) who spend about three to four hours a day (ZDNet) or check it about 60 times a day. Of this, around an hour is spent on Facebook or Instagram (ZDNet).

The Philippines has been dubbed the Social Media Capital of the world because of its extraordinarily high usage time of about four hours a day. (Statista) This makes it a perfect landscape to graze for online customers.

As if that were not already good, Facebook has made it easy to target ads to very specific groups of people – by gender, age, location, and interests. Not only that, but it is so affordable. Depending on one’s target parameters, P200 can sometimes target 15,000 people during a single run. This makes it easy to mark potential readers in your particular genre.

SimplePublish has two packages for social media marketing. The first is a comprehensive consultation that guides an author on how to create a Facebook page for the book, put together an audience persona that tries to capture the book’s target reader, specify the look of the “brand”, and put together a marketing plan that fits a budget.

The second package includes everything in the consultation package, plus the creation of content for the social media posts and ads. If the author has a website, a tracking (pixel) code by Facebook can be added to trace how customers react to the ads. Added to this are the actual automation of the Facebook Ads (which can include Instagram), and interpret the activity recorded by the Facebook pixel or Ads Manager.


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Identify your goals

SimplePublish will consult with you regarding the goals you want to set so we can understand what it is you want to accomplish.


Send a social media marketing plan.

Based on your goals and budget, we will send you a PDF plan.


Meet online.

We will also do up to three online consultations via Zoom.


Create content.

If you chose the Consultation & Engagement Package, we will create content for social media engagement.


Engage with potential customers on social media

If you chose the Consultation & Engagement Package, we will put the social media marketing plan into action.

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