Book Launch

Introduce your book to potential customers

Book Launch

After writing, your work as a self-published author is not yet done – you still must introduce your book to the world. This means announcing your book and getting it noticed so people actually buy it. Then there is the task of pricing, getting reviews, and granting volume discounts.

SimplePublish has two packages that can help you as a self-published author. The first is the Consultation Package that guides you on how to price your book, how to get it noticed, giving promotional discounts, pushing your book by being interviewed or giving talks, and how to get reviews. The second package is the Consultation and Book Launch Event Package. It includes everything in the Consultation package plus planning, budgeting, selecting food, entertainment, activities, and a venue for a book launch event. We will help you set up a space for sales, book signing, and photography should you want it.


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Includes consultation on the following:

Includes everything in the Consultation Package, plus assistance on:

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Identify your goals

SimplePublish will consult with you regarding the goals you want to set so we can understand what it is you want to accomplish.


Send a book launch plan.

Based on your goals and budget, we will send you a PDF plan.


Meet online.

We will also do up to three online consultations via Zoom.


Create a book launch event plan.

If you chose the Consultation & Book Launch Event Package, we will also assist you in setting this up.

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