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Ebook Publishing

The internet and wifi has allowed us greater and almost unlimited access to information. In recent years, books have been converted into some kind of digital format such as PDF. The issue with that is that it can easily be copied and abused to the point the eBook is distributed in online platforms without the author’s consent. This presented problems for authors who could not earn from the books that they labored on.

The best solution to this issue is to use an eBook format that can’t easily be reproduced. While there have been several formats that have appeared throughout the years, it is the Kindle format that seems to be the most secure. Coupled with that, Amazon has a wide following all over the world, which means an author can cast a wider net to catch potential readers. Amazon also has made available the Kindle app free for any device and platform, whether it is a Kindle, desktop, laptop, mobile phone, android, PC, or Mac. This allows customers to read a Kindle eBook virtually on any gadget.

The Amazon platform where authors can sell their eBooks is called Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (or KDP for short.) An author earns by letting Amazon manage the selling and order-fulfillment aspect. A customer orders and pays for your eBook on Amazon, and they send the file to the customer instantly. An author earns through royalties that Amazon keeps in your account until such a time you request it. You can also set an automatic payment scheme when reach a certain level, say every time you reach $100. Amazon wires the payment to your chosen bank account in the USA and UK. Outside of that, Amazon will send a physical check to your chosen address.

Since Amazon has securities in place, such as sending a PIN to an author’s mobile phone, no one but the author can create and manage the account. What SimplePublish will do is provide step-by-step instruction on how to create an account, what specific data to answer in the different questions KDP asks, how to upload the eBook to your KDP “bookshelf.”

SimplePublish will also help you decide on royalties and territories, marketing features, as well as the other different choices you may have to make.

Included in this service is:


You let Amazon sell your books and you earn royalties


  • No need to fuss about collecting from customers.
  • "Production Cost" is minimal.
  • Delivery is automated.


  • Amazon gets a cut of the sale (as a fee for using Amazon as your marketing channel to distribute your book). You earn in royalties.
  • Royalty earnings must accumulate to at least $100 before you can request funds to be transferred to you.


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Accessible from any gadget

(Via the free Kindle app)




Instruct on how to create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Account

SimplePublish will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create an account, and what data to include for data asked by Amazon.


Instruct on how to add eBooks

Likewise, we will give step-by-step instructions on how to add new books to the account, upload the file, and fill up the information that KDP is asking for. This will include consultation on categories, keywords, price, marketing features, and royalties. This assumes you have properly formatted files for upload.

Do you have questions on this service or process? You might get quick answers in our FAQs page.


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