Review the book proof before mass production


After the manuscript has been edited and formatted, it is given to the printer so that a proof can be produced. The proof is the last chance to catch issues on how the book looks just before mass production.

Unlike editing, proofreading is meant to focus on the look, and no longer on the structure, flow, and clarity. Attention is given to physical features such as correctness of margins, consistency in style and typefaces, precision of spaces, quality of images. Just like editing, a professional proofreader can catch 80% of proof errors.

The proofreading process can take some time because several iterations might be needed before a final proof is attained. Each time the proofreader marks the proof for corrections, the printer will produce another proof, which the proofreader will check. The proofreader will sign off on a proof that is cleared for mass production. Usually, the proofreader will send the publication-ready proof to the author for approval. When the author authorizes the publication, printers will go ahead and print the batch of books.

At SimplePublish, each proof is scanned once against the formatted manuscript to ensure everything is at it should be. Then the proof is scanned twice against a punch list that focuses on the look of the book. Only when each item is satisfactory do we turn over the book to the author to seek authority to mass-produce the book.


We will check the following

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Request a proof

We will request a proof of the book from the printer.


Scan the book vis-a-vis the formatted manuscript

We will then scan each page to ensure that the book prints exactly what is on the formatted manuscript in both form and content.


Scan the book for issues vis-a-vis a proof punch list

Two passes are made on the book, this time checking how it looks based on our proofing punch list.


Fix errors on the formatted manuscript

A new formatted manuscript is made to correct issues that were found. If there are issues with color or the cover, the printer and book designer are notified.


Print a new proof

When issues have been corrected, (and cover if any,) the new formatted manuscript is given to the printer for printing another proof. Steps 3 to 4 are repeated until no more issues are found in the proofreading process.


Seek printing authority from the author

When the proof is ready for mass printing, it is sent to the author for approval.


Print the book

We will send the author's authority to print the book to the printer, and they will print the number of copies specified by the author.

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