Book Formatting

Dressing up your manuscript

Book Formatting

An author is focused on the content of a book, and when that is done it rarely goes into production without formatting it first. The manuscript has to be resized to the book trim. Margins have to be applied to odd-numbered pages that are different to even-numbered pages because there must be an allowance for the spine in between.

A typeface that is consistent with the tone of the content has to be chosen. Chapter openings, heading, subheading, lists, tables, images, and captions have to be styled consistently. Then, if appropriate, embellishments are added. This process in publishing is what gives a book its distinct identity. It prepares the book so that it is visually good-looking, and also readable.

At SimplePublish, we apply an appropriate formatting style sheet to a manuscript based on its genre. We then check the entire formatted manuscript for errors in styling, legibility, and readability; and correct them if there are any. Then, we will give you a PDF mockup version for your approval.

The formatted manuscript you will get is print-ready; you can give it to a printer and have your book printed. If it is part of a package, we move on to print a proof so we can check how it looks before going to mass production.





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Get to know your book

Give us a synopsis of your book and who you are trying to attract. That way we get what the content is, and who your target market is.


Create two formatted mockups

We will create a mockup in PDF format and send them to you for approval.


Decide on which style to use

We will wait for your on which mockup to use for the book. If you have any directions, we will incorporate them in a new mockup. There are two mockup iterations included in this service.


Format the book

We will format the rest of the manuscript based on the mockup you have chosen.


Check the manuscript

We will check the formatted manuscripts for styling, legibility, and readability issues. Then will correct them if there are any.


Approve the formatting

We will send you the entire formatted interior as a PDF file for your approval to publish. If you have any changes, there is one final formatting iteration included in this service.


Send for proofing

If this is part of our package, we will send this to the printer so they can print a proof.

Do you have questions on this service or process? You might get quick answers in our FAQs page.


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