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Many unpublished writers might think editing is just correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, but that wouldn't be entirely complete. It is much more comprehensive than that. Editing prepares a manuscript for publication so that it is readable in structure and clarity too.

So, while editing included checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation, it also involves making sure that the parts of the book are in proper standard order. The structure of paragraphs and sentences is also inspected to make sure that they are clear and not too long or overly complex. Aside from those, several other elements are also checked, such as headings, tables, hyphenation, and captions. The table of contents and cover are also inspected.

A writer can edit one’s own work, but since he or she is so familiar with the manuscript, it is most likely some errors might slip through the scrutiny. A professional editor will usually be able to catch 80% of errors, so it is best to have a second pair of eyes look at a manuscript before publishing.

SimplePublish has an extensive stylesheet it uses to check manuscripts. Should you avail of this service, three passes are made on every manuscript during the editing stage. In the first pass, we restructure the sequence of the parts of the book to conform to publishing standards. On the second pass, we check for clarity. And on the third, we check for all the tiny details.

In our process, we will make edits to your manuscript using MsWord's review feature. You will be able to see what edits were suggested, and you can accept or reject each of these changes.


We will check the following

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Receive the manuscript

The author sends us the book manuscript in MsWord format. We will need it in this file format so we can use the review feature of MsWord so the author can see changes made and choose to accept or reject the changes.


Check the structure

We will check the manuscript and check the proper sequence of parts to conform to standard conventions.


Check for clarity

Paragraph structure, sentence structure, and word choice are checked for clarity. This is also where grammar, spelling, and punctuation are checked.


Check details

A last pass on the manuscript checks for details such as capitalization, hyphenation, and headings. The cover is also checked at this stage.


Send manuscript back the author

We give back the edited manuscript to the author who can approve and reject each of the changes made.



If this process is part of a package, the approved edited manuscript is sent back to us for formatting.

Do you have questions on this service or process? You might get quick answers in our FAQs page.


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